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•My gate is mislaigned. What do I do?

You can first attempt tore it yourself. If you are unable to adjust it please call our office or submit a request online and we will make arrangements to come out to your home a. adjust your gate. This service call may include a minimum fee.

• How are underground utilities (electric/cable/phone/etc) avoided doing installation?

At least 5-7 working days before we start your job, we will place an excavaiton request call to PA 1-CALL. This request dispatches representatives of companies that may possibly have underground lines on your property. If there are lines, they are marked with paint or flags which tell us where we can and cannot dig. If there are private underground electric or sewer lines installed by you or your home builder, let us know so we can avoid them.

• Do i need a building permit for my fence What do I have to do to get one?

In most cases, a building permit is required within city or borough limits while more rural areas are less regulated. It is a good idea to check with your municipality office since all have different o.es. Usually a copy of the proposal we mail to you is sufficient for the codes department in your borough to issue you a permit. Every township or borough is different, but on average, it takes approximately a week to receive your permit.

• How close can I put the fence to my property line?

It depends on your municipality codes, but in most cases, it is anywhere from right on the line to a 1' offset. Going with a 6" offset is a good way to play it safe.

• Do I need a survey?

We will help you determine if you need a survey. If you are unsure of the property are and can't find the marking pins, it is probably a good idea to get one, even though it may cost a couple hundred dollars. Your current neighbor may be fine with the fence line, but if a new owner moves in surveys the property, and determines your fence is on their property, you will spend more money to move the fence than you could have spent on a survey before building it

• Do you charge?

No Since we pay sales tax on the materials for your fence, we are not required to charge another tax to the customer for installing the fence.

• Do you use concrete when setting posts?

Yes. All of cur fences except for split rail are set in concrete. The hole is dug 2-3' deep (depending on fence type) and dug wider or "belled'. out at the bottom. The top of the hole will be back-filled with dirt. Proper installation of posts is critical to a fence installation.

• Is there a long wait have my job installed, and how long will it take once you get started?

Our waiting list for installations will vary throughout the year. The summer months are the busiest, therefore the wait will be a bit longer. A good estimate O 1-2 weeks in the winter and 24 weeks in the summer, but your estimator will have a better time frame for you.

The time span of a job is usually 1-4 days. For wood fence, we prefer to set posts on the first day, then let the concrete harden for a couple days before we come back to finish the job. PVC and Aluminum fences require the posts to be installed at the same time as the panels so the job will usually take 1-2 days.